Spotify Is Your New Nightmare For Breakups

When you go through a breakup, it can be agonizing. You’re often left wondering:

What is he doing?

How is she feeling?

Does he want me back?

You can sort of see what that person is doing if you follow their activity on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. At least, you can see what they want you to see.

Thanks to Spotify, you can get more honest insight into your ex’s true emotional turmoil post-breakup.

A friend recently called it quits with a guy she’s been dating for a few months. He gave her some lame excuse, the whole, “It’s not you, it’s me,” thing.

“I just got out of a long relationship and I’m not ready for another one right now. You’re great, I just need some time,” he told her.

Blah, blah, blah.

They follow each other’s Spotify accounts though, and the friend noticed that her ex turned “emo.” Every song he listened to seemed directed at her. He played the entire soundtrack of a concert they’d attended together, for example. Later, he listened to songs titled, “Wait for me,” “Too Late,” “Leave Me Alone,” “Tough Love,” and “World Restart.”

“He always listens to one type of music and today it’s all different,” the friend said of her ex’s recent music selections. She says he’s aware she follows him on Spotify. “I think hes doing it on purpose.”

Here’s how to follow (and unfollow) someone on Spotify:

Spotify has a follow tab. Click it, and you’ll have the option to find your Facebook friends who are on Spotify that you can follow.

Or, you can search for their name, and users will populate.

Once you click on the right person’s name/profile, you’ll see a “Follow” button. Click it and voila! You’re following them on Spotify and you’ll be able to see what they’re listening to in real time.

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