Everyone is using Spotify’s sweet new tool to discover and share their top music of 2018 — check it out

  • Every year, Spotify releases a tool that lets users see their personalised top charts for the past year.
  • It’s a fascinating look into personal listening habits, and it comes in a very attractive package.
  • People are sharing their charts on social media to compare with friends.

2018 was an absolutely killer year for music, and there’s no better way to look back on that year than Spotify’s annual Wrapped tool.

More than a year-end music chart, the Spotify tool offers Spotify users a personalised rundown of their year in music. After entering your Spotify login information, the Spotify 2018 Wrapped website analyses your account and walks you through your past year of listening step-by-step – starting with the first song you played in 2018.

It’s a beautiful audio tour of the year for the tens of millions of Spotify users out there, and it comes with a gift at the end: A playlist of your most-listened to tracks. If you’re anything like me, the playlist is sure to be full of your actual favourite tracks of 2018.

Spotify wrapup toolSpotifyThere’s cool information like this that music nerds (like me) will enjoy.

As you might expect, there’s a shareable little placard of information at the conclusion of the tool’s slideshow.

And people are doing exactly that – sharing that information – all over the place.


And that’s just the standard chart that Spotify makes easily shareable.

More hilarious are all the reactions to what these personalised charts reveal about listening habits.




Are you ready to face the hard truth?

Head over to the Spotify 2018 Wrapped website right here and see if you can handle it!

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