Hands On With Spotify: Here's Everything You Need To Know

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Photo: Spotify

At last! Spotify has officially landed in the U.S.Spotify is a European startup that offers streaming music from a library of 15 million songs.

The basic service is free, but paid users get unlimited, ad-free streaming and access to mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

The mobile apps also allow you to download songs to your phone so you can listen offline.

So what does the U.S. launch mean for you? It means you can finally take advantage of the hottest and most-hyped online services around.

If you have an invite, that is.

To request one head over to Spotify’s home page. In the meantime, we’ll whet your appetite with our full tour of the music service.

We’ve been using Spotify for a few months now, and still think it’s one of — if not THE — best streaming music service around.

Click below to see what all the fuss is about.

When you download the desktop app, you have to log in with your Spotify account

Make sure you agree to the Terms of Service before you continue

You can listen to music stored on your computer or search Spotify's library of streaming music

Spotify automatically scans your computer for your music. It takes no time at all

You can check out the latest artists and stream their songs for free within the desktop app

The song streams almost immediately, almost as if the song was stored on your computer

You can also search for artists for music to stream

Once you find a song you like, you can double click to listen.

Making a playlist is easy. You can select songs stored on your computer or ones from Spotify's streaming library.

Click the Share button to post a link of your playlist to Facebook or Twitter. Your friends and followers can click the link and listen to your mix on their own Spotify account.

Here's what the link to a playlist looks like when you share on Facebook

When you see a playlist link shared by someone else, you can click it to listen.

When listening to a shared playlist, make sure your computer knows to open it in Spotify

Neat! Now you can stream the same music your friend was just listening to. If you like the songs, you can purchase them too.

You can sign in to Facebook within the desktop app. You'll automatically see other Facebook friends on Spotify. From here, you can listen to the playlists they shared

Now the best part: You can sync your playlists and music to your iPhone or Android over Wi-Fi. Make sure your phone is connected to the same wireless router and launch the mobile app.

Here's icon for Spotify's iPhone app. Tap to open

Log in with your Spotify account info

Make sure you accept the Terms of Use

Your songs will begin transferring from your computer to your iPhone. Keep in mind that you're limited by your Wi-Fi connection speed, so the large playlists may take a while to load

After the download, you can tap a song to play it

You can also search for new music to stream, just like you can on the desktop app

Tap a song, and the track starts playing right away

You can add streaming tracks to a playlist

You can share your tracks from the app over e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter

Looking for another great music streaming service?

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