Can you spot the hidden presents in this puzzle in under 45 seconds?

Courtesy of HammondsThere are presents hidden in this puzzle.

While the holidays are a perfect time to give loved ones presents, some aren’t so lucky to receive such gifts.

Hammonds, a furniture company, created a puzzle to raise awareness for the Giving Tree Initiative, which ensures every child gets a present during the holidays. In the puzzle, there are six gifts hidden in a house that’s decorated for Christmas.

On average, it takes people 45 seconds to solve the puzzle, according to Hammonds. Think you can do better? Give it a try below.

Giving tree brainteaserCourtesy of HammondsThere are six presents hidden. Can you find them?

Did you find all six?

Look closely, and you can probably find them.

Need a hint?

There are no presents hidden in the bathroom or the foyer.

Still can’t find them all?

Not all of them are hidden inside the house.

Keep scrolling for the answer.

Giving tree brainteaser answersCourtesy of HammondsThe presents are circled in red.

If it took you less than 45 seconds to find the presents, then you were quicker than most people who played the game.

But Kirsty Oakes, the head of displays and marketing at Hammonds, told Insider the real purpose of this puzzle is to help the Giving Tree deliver presents to children in need.

“Christmas is a magical time for children, and every child deserves a present on Christmas Day, no matter what their circumstances,” Oakes said.

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