Sportsbet is offering 3-1 that 'El Chapo' will dig his way out of prison with a spoon

Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán Loera, aka “El Chapo,” gave his first ever interview to American actor Sean Penn for Rolling Stone magazine in October, three months after he escaped from a maximum-security Mexican prison.

On Friday, he was recaptured, after information he gave Penn in the interview led Mexican forces to his hideout.

Whether he’ll stay in prison is anyone’s guess. He’s escaped from maximum security twice since his first incarceration in 1995.

Once was in a laundry cart and 78 people were implicated in aiding his flight.

And after his recapture, he escaped last year on a motorcycle along an underground rail built specifically for the deed, smashing overhead lights with a stick on his way out.

So his return to prison was an irresistible opportunity for Sportsbet to get colourful. Here are the odds they’re offering until 2017:

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