Sports Illustrated's Super Bowl Cover Is Nearly Identical To One Used 16 Years Ago

Sports Illustrated has released their cover for the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl victory. In a minor upset, the editors went with Jacoby Jones instead of Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh, or Ray Lewis.

And if the cover looks familiar, you are old enough to remember the cover of Sports Illustrated following the Packers win in Super Bowl XXXI following the 1996 season. That game was also played in the Superdome. And like this year’s cover, SI went with Desmond Howard on the cover as he is returning a kick for a touchdown (see below). And in both images, we can see the player looking for defenders on the Superdome’s jumbotron…

Jacoby Jones, Baltimore Ravens, Sports Illustrated



Desmond Howard, Sports Illustrated, Green Bay Packers


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