Seven Sports Fanatics' Dream Homes That Are Currently For Sale


In the fiery summer heat, it can be tough to find a gym that’s not packed to the brim or an outdoor running spot that’s not on blistering asphalt.

So why not buy one of these luxurious homes, complete with their own indoor sports centres, instead?

These unique homes, located across the country, are equipped with facilities from swimming pools and bowling alleys to golf simulators to shooting ranges.

Some even have indoor basketball and tennis courts.

They aren’t cheap, but they sure beat the summer heat.

COUER D'ALENE, IDAHO: This estate, on sale for $6.5 million, is spread across 33 acres

COUER D'ALENE, IDAHO: It has an indoor basketball court emblazoned with the UNLV logo

COUER D'ALENE, IDAHO: And a jacuzzi overlooking the property

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: This mansion has tons of cool amenities. It's on the market for $12.5 million

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Here's the pool and pool house

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: And a state-of-the-art golf simulator

COUER D'ALENE, IDAHO: This 15-acre estate is on the market for $17.5 million

COUER D'ALENE, IDAHO: The home's indoor tennis court

COUER D'ALENE, IDAHO: The estate also has a golf course, bowling alley, and swimming pool

EVERGREEN, COLORADO: This secluded home is on sale for $1.1 million

EVERGREEN, COLORADO: It has a huge indoor shooting range

EVERGREEN, COLORADO: And impressive indoor pool

ALPINE, NEW JERSEY: This estate, on the market for $14.9 million, is minutes away from New York City

ALPINE, NEW JERSEY: The property's indoor bowling alley

ALPINE, NEW JERSEY: Here's the beautiful outdoor pool. It also has a movie theatre

ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS: This property is on the market for $6.5 million

ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS: It's got an indoor pool, complete with water slide and bar

ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS: It also has a putting green

CHAPPAQUA, NEW YORK: This 87-acre property is on sale for $27.5 million

CHAPPAQUA, NEW YORK: Here's the hidden tennis court

CHAPPAQUA, NEW YORK: And the indoor basketball court

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