SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Yu Darvish Dominated The Yankees With A Mixture Of Pitches

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In just his fourth career start, Yu Darvish shut down the New York Yankees with 10 strikeouts and just two walks in 8.1 shutout innings.

A look at Darvish’s pitch selection last night shows that he put on a pitching clinic, using a mixture of pitches to keep the Yankees guessing. In all, Darvish used six different pitches, with four of them being thrown at least 14 times.

Even more impressive is the number of swing-and-misses (grey bars) which tend to be a good indication of just how good a pitcher’s “stuff” is. Darvish got at least two swinging strikes with five different pitches. That is unheard of.

Here’s the breakdown…

Yu Darvish vs the Yankees

Pitchf/x data via

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