SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: You May Hate Mark Cuban, But He Is A Winner

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Mark Cuban has taken a lot of heat during his stint as owners of the Dallas Mavericks, both from the league and from sports fans in general. But we cannot deny that he made all the right moves in the playoffs. And the championship just reaffirms his status as a winning owner.

First Cuban, known for his mouth, decided to go silent during the playoffs and make sure he wasn’t a distraction. And then Cuban showed he does have a classy side when he passed on his chance to receive the championship trophy, instead having the commissioner present the hardware to original owner Donald Carter, who has remained a season-ticket holder since selling the team.

During Cuban’s time as owner, the value of the Mavericks has risen 162.3%, easily outpacing the growth of an average NBA franchise during the same period (77.8%). And much of that is based on the new winning atmosphere that Cuban has brought to Dallas.

Here is a look at the year-by-year wins of the Mavericks and the consistency the team has shown under Cuban.

Mavericks under Mark Cuban

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