SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Vancouver's Strange Journey To Game 7 Of The Stanley Cup Finals

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The Vancouver Canucks are in the midst of one of the more improbable runs that is now one home win away from winning the Stanley Cup.

The old hockey axiom is that the team with the hot goalie will win the Cup. Well, if the Canucks win tomorrow night, they will have flipped that theory on its head.

Roberto Luongo, the highest-paid player in the NHL, has been anything but hot in this postseason. He does have four shutouts in the 24 games played so far. But he has also been pulled from three games, and has allowed 15 goals in the three losses to the Bruins in the Finals.

This run is very reminiscent of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates. That team beat the New York Yankees in the World Series despite being outscored 38-3 in their three losses.

The good news for the Canucks is that game 7 is at home. So far this postseason, the Canucks are 10-3 at home, outscoring their opponents 31-24. On the road, they are 5-6, have been outscored 41-27, and have suffered four losses by at least three goals.

Here is a look at the goal differential for each game on this long, strange journey that might just end with Stanley Cup in Vancouver to stay.

Vancouver Canucks in the playoffs

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