SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Tiger Woods Sucks On The Weekends At The Majors

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While most will continue to debate whether or not Tiger Woods will ever return to the top of the golf world, his performances at the Majors this year raises questions about his health, and whether his body is able to withstand the grind of four rounds at a major championship.

Below is a look at Tiger’s round-by-round play at the 2012 majors, with his cumulative scores by round (white columns). And once again at the PGA Championship this week, Tiger fell flat on the weekend after doing well on Thursday and Friday.

In seven of his eight rounds on a Thursday or Friday at a major, Tiger has finished at par or better. However, of the eight rounds on the weekends, none were below par. Overall, Tiger has shot seven-under in the first round. But in the final two rounds combined, Tiger is 15-over par, the worst mark among golfers that made the cut at all four majors…

Tiger Woods at the Majors

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