SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: The Lopsided History Of The Subway Series

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This weekend marked the beginning of the 15th instalment of Major League Baseball’s interleague play. And let’s face it, we have to deal with the Astros in Toronto just so that we can get the Cubs in Boston, and oh yeah, the Subway Series.

The Yankees took two of three from the Mets this weekend. That’s nothing new. In 27 meetings of the Subway Series, the Yankees have now won the series 17 times. And this does not include the most important Subway Series of them all, the 2000 World Series.

In fact, in only two of the previous 14 years, did the Mets win the season series (2004, 2008). Overall, the Yankees now lead the series 94-68, and have outscored the Mets 404 to 355.

Here is a year-by-year breakdown of the Yankees domination of the Subway Series. The orange and red bars represent Mets and Yankees wins respectively. The blue bars represent the runs scored by each team in that year’s Subway Series…

history of the subway series

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