SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: The Bulls And Heat Are The Class Of The NBA This Season

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We are closing in on the end of the NBA regular season with only 14-16 games remaining for most teams. And as teams are starting to jockey for seeding, there is a clear separation between the best teams in the NBA and everybody else.

Beyond just a team’s record, we can get a better sense of the best teams by looking at the two most important stats, Points Scored and Points Allowed. In the chart below, we ranked the top 10 teams in the NBA based on their average margin of victory.

The top teams in the NBA are clearly the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. They are followed closely by the best team in the Western Conference, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the surprising Philadelphia 76ers, who make up for a lack of star power with the best defence in the NBA (87.6 points allowed per game)…

Margin of victory, NBA

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