SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: No School Has Sent More Players To NFL Than Notre Dame

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It might come as a small surprise, but no school had more players in the NFL last season than University of Miami. But when it comes to the all-time mark, the Convicts still have a ways to go before they catch the Fighting Irish.

According to, Notre Dame has produced the most NFL players all-time with 503. Only one other school (Southern California, 438) has more than 400. Meanwhile, Miami is tied for tenth with 272 players reaching the highest level.

Of course, things have changed for Notre Dame and they are no longer the NFL factory that they once were. In 2010, they were tied for 15th with 24 players in the NFL. This, and no national titles since the Lou Holtz-led Fighting Irish squad in 1988, has led to the school finally relaxing their academic standards for the football players.

Here is a look at the schools that have sent the most players to the NFL all-time…

Notre Dame Is An NFL Factory

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