SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: No Conference Has More Fans Than The Big 10

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A year ago, Nate Silver of took a look at “The Geography of College Football Fans” using a little research to estimate the number of fans of the 120 college football teams in Division I (at the time).

Below, we used Silver’s data to determine how many fans there are for each of the six major BCS conferences taking into account recent realignment.

With the Big 10 adding Rutgers (937,874 fans) and Maryland (474,059), their schools now have nearly 19 million fans across the country, more than 2.2 million more than the next closest conference, the SEC. In fact, the Big 10 now has nearly as many fans as the Big 12 (who recently lost Texas A&M’s 2.0M fans), the PAC-12, and Big East combined (19.4M)…

College football fans

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