SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Mark Sanchez Is The Second-Worst Quarterback In The NFL

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Through seven weeks, Peyton Manning (79.4) has himself in a familiar position, ranked as the best quarterback in the NFL based on ESPN’s Total QBR (scale of 0-100) which measures a player’s all-around performance. He is followed closely by his brother, Eli Manning (76.9).

But more noteworthy is Mark Sanchez (35.5), who is ranked 32nd among 33 qualified quarterbacks. The only player with a worse Total QBR, is Brandon Weeden (20.3), the Browns’ rookie quarterback.

And what does this say about Tim Tebow, who had just three pass attempts this season, despite playing behind a quarterback that is worse than Kevin Kolb?

Here are the top 10 quarterbacks, and the bottom five…

NFL Total QBR Week 7

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