SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: How Tiger Won His First PGA Tour Event In 30 Months

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Tiger Woods averaged more than 300 yards per drive (302 to be exact) in his first PGA win since 2009. He also hit 71.4% of his drives in the fairway and averaged 1.9 putts per Green in Regulation. But the one stat that tells us how Tiger was able to dominate the Arnold Palmer Invitational is how he played on Par 5s.

On the 16 Par 5s, Tiger was 12-under with 12 birdies and four pars. On the other 56 holes combined, Tiger was just 1-under, going -4-under on the Par 4s and 3-over on the Par 3s.

This is not unusual for Tiger. In his career in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Tiger is now 113-under on Par 5s and just 5-over on the rest of the holes combined.

Here is a hole-by-hole breakdown of how Tiger’s score compared across the Par 3a, 4s, and 5s…

Tiger Woods vs Bay Hill

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