SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: The Cost Of Air Jordans And LeBrons Through The Years

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The folks at put together a cool little infographic looking at the cost of Nike Air Jordans and Nike LeBrons through the years. The rise in cost is jaw-dropping at first, when you see that Air Jordans cost just $65 when they debuted in 1985, and the latest incarnation go for $180. Meanwhile, the newest LeBrons will cost a whopping $290.

But if we adjust for inflation, things are not as crazy as they first appear. Well, the $290 LeBrons are still crazy. But the rest is more palatable. In fact, adjusted for inflation, the Air Jordans have been consistently priced around $200 in 2012 dollars, and have even gone down a bit in recent years…

Air Jordans vs LeBrons

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