SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Has Aroldis Chapman’s Fastball Already Flamed Out?

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Contrary to popular belief Aroldis Chapman has never thrown a 106 mph pitch. However, contrary to the belief those that believe Chapman is just a product of juiced radar guns, he has thrown 16 pitches in his short career that have been measured between 103.0 mph and 105.1 mph.

This is according to Pitchf/x, which is used at every Major League Ballpark to track data (break, velocity, type) of each pitch. This is different than the radar guns used to generate the pitch speeds displayed on stadium scoreboards. The Pitchf/x system is considered to be far more accurate.

Unfortunately for Chapman, he throws many more pitches in the mid-90s than he does in the mid-100s. As a result, he is extremely inconsistent. And now he has landed on the disabled list with inflammation of the shoulder.

Here is a game-by-game look at the average velocity of Chapman’s fastball this season…

Aroldis Champan's Fastball

Without a doubt, Chapman has an electric arm. But at some point the Reds and Chapman may need to stop seeing if he can throw 106 mph and start asking if he should. Easing back on the gas a little may do wonders for his consistency and for his career.

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