SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Derek Jeter And The Longest Tenured New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees franchise has been around for 112 seasons, and many great players have worn the famous pinstripes. But surprisingly, there have only been 44 players that logged at least 1,000 games played with the Yankees. That’s the equivalent of just over six seasons.

Last season, Derek Jeter surpassed Mickey Mantle as the Yankees’ all-time games played leader and entering today’s action has appeared in 2,541 games.

Below is a word cloud (created using that shows every player that has played at least 1,000 games with the Yankees. The size of the name reflects the number of games played, relative to each other (Babe Ruth played twice as many games as Lou Piniella so Ruth’s name is twice as big as Sweet Lou’s)…

New York Yankees games played


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