SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Who Are College Football’s Highest-Paid Coaches?

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When Will Muschamp left the University of Texas to become the new head football coach at the University of Florida, his new contract made him the 14th highest-paid coach in college football.

However, at $2.8 million, Muschamp will only make slightly more than half the annual salaries of his old boss Mack Brown (University of Texas) and Nick Saban (University of Alabama).

If we include Bob Stoops, the three coaches with the highest salaries have combined for four national titles. In total, six of the top 20 coaches have won at least one national title.

At the other end, of the championship spectrum, Lane Kiffin at USC ($4.0 million) and Kirk Ferentz of the University of Iowa ($3.8 million) have the highest salaries among coaches that have never won a title.

Here are the top 20 college football coaches based on their paychecks…