Here Are This Week's Winners And Losers In Sports


This was the last week before football once again takes over the American sports landscape.

So who entered NFL-mania flying high?

Hope Solo locked up a gig on Dancing With The Stars. Football stars Michael Vick and Chris Johnson got their money. And LeBron James is slowly but surely winning us back with his awesome tweets.

Unfortunately, some of out favourites — including Maria Sharapova and Phil Mickelson — weren’t as lucky.

WINNER: LeBron James

LeBron has quietly had a great PR summer in general.

But this week was a particularly strong one. He tweeted pictures of his son 'Bron-Bron' going to his first day of 1st grade.

WINNER: Hope Solo

Usually women's soccer players fade into obscurity once the Women's World Cup ends.

But Solo ensured a few more moments in the spotlight, booking a spot on Dancing With The Stars.

WINNER: Michael Vick

Michael Vick's contract is not 6 years, $100 million. It's more like 5 years, $80 million.

But still, that's a boatload of money for a guy who was sitting in the clink a few years ago.

WINNER: Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson finally got paid. And while his contract isn't exactly Vick-level, it's still impressive in a league that's increasingly apprehensive to sign running backs long-term.

The Titans did OK too, making sure their best player will be suited up in Week 1.

WINNER: Tiki Barber

This is a bit controversial.

But Tiki kept himself in the news this week by getting engaged to the young lady he left his wife for.

All Tiki wants is publicity, and he got it, so he wins.

LOSER: Maria Sharapova

Sharapova looked to have an easy road to the U.S. Open finals.

But then Flavia Pennetta came along and knocked her out in the third round. We probably should have seen this coming after a shaky first-round match, but it was still a shocker.

LOSER: Miami Football

Another week, another tough go for Miami football.

This week, the Hurricanes got news that eight players (including quarterback Jacory Harris) were suspended for some length of time this year.

LOSER: Roger Clemens

Clemens thought that he was out from under the U.S. government's thumb.

But news came out late Friday that Clemens will be retried for perjury after all.

So it's back to the courtroom.

Loser: Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt was offered a stunning $1.2 billion for the Dodgers.

That's nearly $400 over market value.

Amazingly, he has not accepted. It looks like MLB will have the pry the club from his cold, dead hands.

LOSER: Phil Mickelson

Phil is experimenting with a belly putter.

Really Phil?

Phil was always the common man's golfer, but flirting with the goofy flatstick won't help his standing with the everyman.

Now relive Maria Sharapova's loss

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