Sports Agent Slams New York Ranger Sean Avery For Supporting Gay Marriage

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New York Ranger Sean Avery recently recorded a public service announcement in support of gay marriage, prompting an agent who represents NHL players to label Avery “misguided.”In Avery’s video (which you can see below) that was released over the weekend, he says “I treat everyone the way I expect to be treated, and that applies to marriage.”

Todd Reynolds who is the Vice-President of Uptown Hockey responded on the company’s Twitter feed by saying “Very sad to read Sean Avery’s misguided support of same-gender “marriage”. Legal or not, it will always be wrong.”

Reynolds quickly tried to “clarify” by doubling down on his stance (and showing a stunning misunderstanding of the words “intolerance.”)

Avery is an “agitator” who is one of the most hated and controversial athletes in the league. He once referred to an ex-girlfriend who was dating another NHL players as “sloppy seconds” and got a rule named after him for annoying goalies.

But he also once interned at Vogue and publicly said he would stand beside any hockey player in the world who wanted to come out as gay. He clearly doesn’t care what other people think of him – which is why he’s one of the only athletes in the world who could make this stance.

The fact that a sports agent – a man charged with public representation of other athletes – had no problem using a company outlet to criticise gay people, shows how far the world of sports has to go to become a tolerant place for homosexuals.

Reynolds response shows that he doesn’t even get how anyone could be offended. Clearly, he has the right to speak his mind (and take abuse for it), but his clients are unlikely to run away and leagues and teams won’t stop working with him.

It’s encouraging that hockey fans would defend Avery so vigorously, but sadly that won’t change the culture of the locker room.

Uptown Sports is owned Reynolds’ father, who defended his son with the always popular “man-and-horse” slippery slope argument. They represent Nashville’s Mike Fisher who is married to American Idol star Carrie Underwood.

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