“SpongeBob” Cartoonist And Art Gallery Owner Embroiled In Bizarre Feud Involving Thugs And Forgery Allegations

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Todd White, the artist responsible for many of our friends from the hit SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon, is being sued for $7.5 million over an alleged heist (via the Art Newspaper).In a new lawsuit, California gallery owner Margaret Howell claims that White hired two martial artists to threaten her with physical harm and hold her hostage in her office while they stole approximately $1 million worth of artwork. 

She says that they also forced her to sign documents which turned over her gallery to White.

White, who also created designs for The Coca-Cola Co. and acted as the official artist for the 2007 Grammy Awards, has an entirely different version of the story.

He says he had been conducting an investigation for two months and uncovered massive fraud at the gallery.  He accused Howell of forging his signature on at least four pieces, and copying the work of other artists.

What would SpongeBob and Squidward think of this mess?

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