Introducing SpokenLayer, The App That Turns Your favourite Websites Into Podcasts


SpokenLayer is an iOS app that “transforms the best of the web into narrated audio, making written content available anytime, anywhere.”

Simply put, if you’re a radio junkie or someone who would rather listen to news than read it, SpokenLayer is exactly what you want without realising you’ve wanted it.

Real people record readings of articles from popular news sites and users listen to them via the app.

We spent some time with SpokenLayer to see what it was all about.

Tap the icon to start the app

You're immediately taken to a list of news sources. Let's check out The Atlantic

We get a list of stories from The Atlantic that we can have read to us, radio-style

Tapping on a story brings up the embedded player and a real human voice (not computer-generated) starts reading to us

You can even give a thumbs up or thumbs down on stories you like or dislike

My favourite feature is that the app is multitasking-enabled, so you can browse the web and do other things with your phone while it plays in the background

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