[SPOILER ALERT] Here's The First Words Schapelle Corby Uttered As A Free Woman After Nine Years In Jail

Schapelle lifts the scarf. Picture: Channel Seven.

As famous first words go, they’re not exactly up there with “That’s one small step for man”.

But you can bet that in some way, just as many Australians will be tuned in to what Schapelle Corby has to say following her release from nine years in Kerobokan Prison.

Channel Seven has the exclusive footage of Corby being whisked away from her cell and into a luxury villa in Bali on February 10, and will air it on Sunday Night.

That’s on Sunday, in case you need us to join the dots. Night, 8pm.

Before we go on, you should know that a MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT follows.

Because Channel Seven have released a teaser of what’s to come, and what they definitely, absolutely did not pay a couple of million dollars for the exclusive rights to.

It’s brief – just 75 seconds – but every bit as compelling as the 273,345 news stories you devoured detailing her every movement and word in the 3181 days she was locked up.

First, let’s set the scene.

Some ominous drumming before the bold statement – “EVERY AUSTRALIAN (fade to black) HAS AN OPINION”.

Cue chaotic intro scenes of the media scrum awaiting her released, manic jostling as the she gets into a waiting taxi with a scarf over her head.

Then, just 27 seconds in, the immortal words Australia has waited for since that black day in our history on October 8, 2004, when a 27-year-old Goldie girl was caught with some dope in a body board bag by Indonesian customs.

Once again, just in case you missed it earlier, MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT follows.

“I feel like a, a crab.”

We hope it was worth it, Channel 7. Especially with the AFP raids on your office and all.

In the 38 seconds that follow the momentous “Crab” statement, there is a few hints of greatness to come on Sunday Night, not the least one other outburst in which Schapelle is clearly heard to say:

“Nice one, driver – woo hoo!”

That’s at the 33-second mark if you want to skip the boring bits.

Here it is:

For the rest, tune in to Sunday Night on Sunday night at 8, Channel 7.

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