Spitzer Looking To Buy Building Next To Mayflower Hotel


The D.C. Examiner reports:

Could Bernard Spitzer be looking to keep an eye out on his son? Probably not, but in a funny coincidence, Eliot Spitzer’s father is attempting to purchase the office building at 1615 L Street NW — which happens to overlook the Mayflower Hotel.

As most will remember, Eliot Spitzer, then the governor of New York, spent the night before Valentine’s Day last year in the hotel with 22-year-old call girl Ashley Dupre.

New-York based real-estate company Broadway Partners currently owns the 13-story building and, like several other “young and flashy companies who got too overloaded,” as one source dubbed them, they’re facing the reality of the economic crisis. The private-equity firm had borrowed $1.5 billion from now-defunct Lehman Brothers and, because of missed payments, could be forced to send three buildings, including 1615 L Street, to auction. But not if Bernard Spitzer gets his way.

Sources close to the deal say the Manhattan developer is hoping to stop the auction by buying the downtown property, only a few steps from where his son failed to think with his brain.

We’re betting that Bernard won’t be sending Eliot down to D.C. to give the building a once over. Too many memories.