Spitzer Calls Hank Greenberg A Man In Denial


Eliot Spitzer is lashing out at Hank Greenberg after Greenberg said Spitzer’s lawsuit against him was all about his run for governor. 

Spitzer says Greenberg is “in denial.”

“It is time for Mr. Greenberg to acknowledge the errors that occurred on his watch,” Spitzer said, according to the New York Post.

Hopefully this new feud can replace the Benmosche-Cuomo (to be accurate, Benmosche-rest of the world) one  For the moment, no such words as “he’s a criminal” and “you’re a bunch of crazies” have been uttered nor requests to “tone it down and stop being cheeky” have been made. 

For now it’s just a couple of has-beens trading pot-shots.

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