Spirit Drinkers May Pay More, Starting Tonight

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Your Friday night jaunt and weekend beverages may get more expensive, following the Abbott Government’s new tax hike on spirits and pre-mixed drinks.

From today, Australian spirit drinkers will pay $1 in alcohol tax for every standard drink purchased, while beer enthusiasts will have to fork out 15c more for a full-strength carton and an extra 5c for a case of light.

Wine lovers will avoid the additional charges as vino is taxed by value, not alcohol content.

The cost revisions are part of the regular half-yearly CPI excise rate increase, which Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia spokesperson Stephen Riden claims always has a greater financial impact on spirits than other types of alcohol.

“People accept alcohol should be taxed. But why tax distilled spirits at more than twice the rate of the highest taxed beers?” Riden said.

“The new tax rate means that the government will take $22 in alcohol tax from each standard sized bottle of spirits. Drinkers of pre-mixed spirits and flavoured ciders can work out how much they are paying to the government by looking at the standard drinks logo on the bottle and putting a dollar sign in front of it,” he said.

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This article has been amended – it initially said the tax on spirits would rise by $1 per standard drink. In fact the price will rise to $1 per standard drink.

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