The Ballsy History Of Extremely Crude Ads For Spirit Airlines

spirit airlines stripper

Spirit Airlines has never shied away from controversy in its advertising, so it should be no surprise its latest campaign features strippermobiles that say, “I’ll go both ways for $18.”

It’s just another chapter in years of cheap sex jokes and double entendres that capitalises on the 12-year old boy in every consumer.

Spirit became the first ultra-low cost carrier in the US when it restructured to fit the Ryanair mould in 2007.  It has been planning an IPO since last September, but delayed pricing in May.

Every time a big event or scandal has come along, Spirit’s been there. Its current “Weiner Sale” campaign showcases a hot dog, with the promise that the fares are “too HARD to resist.” And if that’s not enough, Spirit also announced that there’s a Weiner Sale “expansion,” but they’re not going to “enlarge” the fares.

Then there was the airline's MILF campaign: Many Islands, Low Fares (2007)

Tiger Woods couldn't escape Spirit's wrath, getting targeted by the airline's Eye of the Tiger sale (2009)

Spirit mocked the BP oil spill with this promotion for flights to the gulf beaches (2010)

The lewd acronyms returned for Spirit's MUFF Diving campaign: Many Unbelievably Fantastic Fares (2010)

Spirit alluded to Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's scandal in this spot (2011)

Spirit had a Weiner Sale in celebration of Congressman Anthony Weiner's sext scandal (2011)

The company is now using mobile stripper vans to promote flights to Las Vegas (2011)

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