Spike Lee compared Donald Trump to a notorious serial killer

Spike lee

Spike Lee, a Bernie Sanders supporter, does not have nice things to say about the frontrunner in the Republican presidential nominating contest, Donald Trump.

The director interviewed Sanders for The Hollywood Reporter, and spoke to the publication about the 2016 elections more generally.

Known for movies including “Do the Right Thing” and “Malcolm X,” Lee compared Donald Trump to the Son of Sam (real name: David Berkowitz), the serial killer who terrified New York City in the 1970s.

When asked which character in his own films is most like Trump, Lee said: “I mean, I did a film called ‘Summer of Sam’… It was about the infamous summer of 1977, New York City [when so-called Son of Sam David Berkowitz killed six people]. And there was a certain person who had the whole city in terror.”

Lee also compared Bernie Sanders to the mayor character played by Ossie Davis in “Do the Right Thing,” and Hillary Clinton to Ruby Dee in “Jungle Fever.” You can read his responses and watch his interview with Sanders here.

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