The Most Successful Viral Video Campaign Of All Time Now Includes This Dancing Baby Spider-Man

Evian has released the latest sequel in its popular “baby&me” campaign. You may not care about the water brand’s dancing babies, but this is one of the single biggest online ad campaigns ever.

The original “roller babies” has had more than 75 million views across all platforms. In 2011, it set a record for being the most-viewed ad of all time. A sequel, in which people see baby versions of themselves in a mirror and have no choice but to start dancing, has been viewed more than 70 million times on YouTube and was 2013’s No.1 most-viewed YouTube ad.

Simply put, it is currently the single most important viral web video ad campaign on the planet right now.

This time, Evian has tapped Spider-Man to shake his groove thing.

In the new video, Spider-Man is seen swinging around the city — as Spider-Man is wont to do — when he is confronted by what appears to be a baby Spider-Man across the street.

Spider-Man then jumps down to the street as the 90s banger “Here Comes the Hotstepper” begins playing in the background. He then meets his baby-sized doppelganger in the reflection of a store window, and a web-based dance-off ensues.

Baby Spiderman be like:

Here’s the full ad:

The Spiderman video was done by the agency BETC Paris and helps promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which comes to U.S. theatres May 2.

GIF by Amanda Macias.

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