A sperm bank is holding a competition for students to find the best ejaculate in the country

  • A sperm bank in China is holding a contest to find the best sperm, reported Vice.
  • The Human Sperm Bank of Shanghai is asking college students across China to submit their sperm.
  • The submissions will be judged on motility and sperm count. Winners will be recruited as donors.
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A sperm bank in China is asking college students to submit their sperm to recruit new donors and see who has the best quality ejaculate.

Vice reported the Human Sperm Bank of Shanghai is holding a contest for the best sperm to raise awareness about sexual health and refill their supply of donor ejaculate.

The submissions will be judged on sperm count and motility – both of which are important for fertility and conception. The contest winners will be recruited as donors and given up to $US1,160 ($AU1,577) as a prize.

The contest was launched July 12 and has been promoted across the Chinese social media site WeChat, Vice reported.

In recent years, Chinese sperm banks have suffered low donor turnout and faced shortages in their supply.

Rigorous requirements have also barred many applicants from being eligible to donate sperm. According to the Global Times, only 20% of people in China who donated sperm were approved to be donors in 2016.

As a result, sperm banks have had to come up with creative solutions to their shortage of spunk. The Human Sperm Bank of Shanghai is far from the only Chinese sperm bank willing to offer cash in exchange for quality donations.

Zhejiang sperm bank began offering suitable donors up to $US760 ($AU1,033) per donation in March 2021. Another sperm bank in Yunnan was willing to offer donors $US700 ($AU952) per donation in July 2020.

Experts are unsure how the problem will look moving forward, especially as birth rates decline and government officials fear a looming generational time bomb.