Spelling Bee Winners In Their Adorable Moments Of Triumph [PHOTOS]

Snigdha Nandipati national spelling bee

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is one of the most competitive and widely-viewed contests that anyone in 8th grade or below can dream of to participate in.

Students study for years and make their way through regional spelling bees, a gruelling multi-round process of elimination, and a nationally televised finale, frequently under massive parental pressure.

Winners get $30,000 in cash, a massive engraved trophy, and more. That’s nothing compared to the glory of the moment. 

We’ve found photos of some of the competitions’ past winners as they finally triumph.  

Texan Robin Kral couldn't be happier to have won 1972's Bee. Lauren Pringle, right, is not so happy with second place. This may be the greatest photograph ever taken.

Evan M. O'Dorney was immediately in love with the trophy when he won in 2007.

2002's Pratyush Buddiga? Not so much.

But it's not always easy being gifted

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