Changing Suits Doesn't Help, Americans Still Fail To Medal In Men's Speed Skating

One of the biggest controversies at the Winter Olympics in Sochi so far has been the U.S. speed skating team’s new suits.

The suits, designed by Under Armour and Lockheed Martin, came under fire when three people associated with the U.S. team told the Wall Street Journal that the suits have a design flaw that could be slowing the skaters down.

On Wednesday, Shani Davis was going for his third gold medal in a row in the 1000m race and he placed 8th, wearing the “flawed” suit.

Early Saturday, the U.S. team got approval from the
the International Skating Union to use an older version of the suit without the supposed design flaw. But in the 1500m men’s race today, the old suits didn’t seem to help.

On Saturday in the old suit, Davis failed to medal again in the 1500m and finished 11th. Fellow Americans Brian Hansen finished 7th, Joey Mantia finished 22nd, and Jonathan Kuck finished 37th.

Here’s Davis a little more than half way through his run. That line is the gold medal time:

Davis finished in 1:45.98, about .98 seconds behind the winner. An NBC announcer said after Davis’ run, “Shani Davis, it’s been his day in the past.”

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