South Korean women's speed skating team completes incredible comeback after nearly 'devastating' fall

  • South Korea dominates in the 3000-meter short track relay in speed skating.
  • The women’s team had a nearly devastating beginning to a race when one of the skaters fell, giving the field a half-lap advantage.
  • The South Korean team methodically worked their way back into the race before taking the lead and never looking back. The South Korean crowd roared in approval.

The South Korean women’s speed skating team posted a comeback for the ages in the 3,000-meter short track relay at the Winter Olympics.

South Korea has historically dominated in speed skating, winning the gold medal in the 3,000 relay in Sochi 2014 and five times in seven Olympics.

However, early in the race, one of the South Korean skaters fell, gifting the rest of the field a head start. NBC analyst and former Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno called the fall “devastating” at the time.

Sk speed skating 1NBC

Yet, sure enough, South Korea got back up and methodically cut the lead, despite falling behind by a half-lap.

They trailed by a significant amount.


The race is 27 laps and lets teams substitute skaters at any time. The South Korean women slowly inched closer and closer, first passing Hungary and then OAR, the Olympic Athletes from Russia, all while the crowd roared over their comeback.

When they eventually took the lead, passing Canada, they didn’t let up, putting distance between themselves and No. 2.


“The dominance of this country in short track is undeniable,” Ohno said.

Watch the comeback here >

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