A Houston-Based Energy Company Just Got Approval To Snake A Natural Gas Pipeline Under Manhattan's West Village

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission unanimously approved Tuesday a plan to expand and reroute New York City’s natural gas pipelines to increase the city’s energy capacity, the New York Times Mireya Navarro reported.

It’s the first new  natural gas transmission line to reach the city in 40 years, she wrote.

“This approval clears the way for a much-needed new natural gas supply in the New York City region,” Mr. Bloomberg’s deputy mayor for operations, Caswell F. Holloway, said in a statement. 

The expanded pipelines would run under the Hudson River and land at West Street in Manhattan’s West Village. Here’s what it looks like:


Photo: FERC

Houston-based Spectra Energy is developing the project. Navarro reports the company modified the specs considerably to meet safety concerns.

Still, the mayors of Jersey City and Hoboken oppose the plan.

“This is a foolhardy place to put this high-pressure pipeline,” Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy told Navarro.

The project is designed to increase the area’s energy capacity by 800,000 MMBTUs. Spectra says it will provide residents approximately $700 million in total annual energy savings.

A Spectra representative said the firm anticipates starting Manhattan construction in June and to have everything operational by November 2013.

Read the story at NYTimes.com.

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