BII REPORT: Why Location-Based Services Like Groupon Now And Foursquare Are Going To Be Big Businesses

smartphone use in stores

Location-based services is one of the hottest startup trends to have come out of the smartphone revolution of the past few years.

But despite the hype, many people wonder what location-based services are really about, and whether they can be a real business. 

In a recent special report, BI Intelligence answers these questions. We:

  • Present an overview through explainers of the most interesting location-based services including Foursquare, Shopkick and Groupon Now.
  • analyse case studies of promising business use of these platforms, including examples from Sports Authority, RadioShack and Neiman Marcus.
  • Outline the big business opportunities for location-based services, such as driving people in stores and increasing consumer loyalty.
  • List the challenges to location-based services, such as end-user adoption and reaching small businesses.

For full access to the report, sign up for a free trial subscription today.

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