Speak Fast To Fill Your Business

There is a multitude of ways to market, but some just have higher and faster impact.  The #1question I receive is how do I get clients? Here is one way to do it fast and get in front of lots of people.

SPEAK! (in person)

This is the way I built my business so quickly.  I spent about 70% of my marketing time looking for speaking opportunities and organisations. There are a few important steps to getting gigs, having gigs that bring in clients, and having fun! 

Here are my quick tips.

1) Put the work in. You must spend research time to find places to speak. I would often carve out 2-3 hours a day of “Google” time to research organisations, opportunities, and groups in my area to speak. Here is an example:

If you are a career coach for women and you live in Raleigh, NC you might Google the following: Women’s organisations, career associations, churches, social clubs all in NC.

Any possible place women gather who have jobs. In the beginning it might feel vague and that is ok- get your foot in the door.  Remember you will need to contact 6-7 people to get one booking or opportunity.  Do a lot of research and make a big list. Keep carving away at that list daily.

2) Follow up. Email or call the contact with an initial request and let them know you will be following up.  Remember pay for speaking would be great, but that is not the priority.  Be thrilled to speak pro-bono to promote your business.  Then, follow up appropriately until you get an answer.  I am not following up to push someone for a yes, but for an answer whatever that might be.  Most people fail in the follow up.

3) Craft a killer title. Notice I said research, contact, and follow up PRIOR to crafting your speech.  Believe me, WHEN you land your first speaking gig you will write that speech very quickly.  Your primary focus should be going after the opportunities and then craft the message, but you should have a title ready.  A killer title is one with specifics!  Numbers, percentages, steps, and tangible benefits.  Here are some great examples:

   * 3 Steps to Increase Your Profits by 50% in 30 Days

   * 5 Secrets to Lose 10% Body Weight and Lower Cholesterol

   * 3 Ways to Discover Your Life Passion and Change Your Career This Month

4) monetise the opportunity. When you land that first speech you may or may not be paid.  No worries!  Be sure to have two things ready when you go: a) A way to collect all the names for your database.  I suggest raffling of a month of your services, a spa basket, or a book depending on your target market. b) Have something to offer them at a special deal if they sign up with you that evening.  (i.e.  your new group forming is $199 per month, but if they register today it is $149)

5) Don’t be a character. The best way to speak is from the heart.  Don’t try to be over professional or perfect.  People enjoy being inspired by people they can relate to.  Have fun, bring your personality out, and tell your story.  Have a good time.

Speaking can build your list fast, get people to know-like-trust you on the spot, and you can close the sale without selling.  So, go speak! 

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