Spanish Union Workers Are Stealing Food From Supermarkets And Handing It Out To The Poor

Earlier this week, 200 hundred members of Spain’s SAT union raided a number of supermarkets in Seville, Andalusia, El Pais reports.

The union workers filled up their shopping baskets with basic food goods, and then gave their goods to non-profit organisations (food banks refused to take the stolen goods).

“In this moment of crisis, when the people are being expropriated, we want to expropriate the expropriators — that is, the landlords, banks and supermarkets, which are making money during the economic crisis,” said union leader Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, also an MP ifor United Left n the Andalusian parliament.

The raids met with stern condemnation from members of government — the socialist party called the act “barbaric”. On Wednesday arrest warrants for the union workers had been issued, and today the workers (who had been occupying a nearby defence ministry-owned farm) were evicted and a number arrested, AFP reports.

Spain’s economic downfall (the country’s youth unemployment rate is at 51% and reports suggest people are leaving the country in droves) has seen a rise in unorthodox protests. Recently Spanish miners marched for three weeks until they reached Madrid, where a huge protest erupted into violence.

We’ve embedded footage of the raids below.


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