Crews in Spain are desperately working to free a 2-year-old boy who fell down a 330-feet-deep well

Álex Zea/Europa Press via GettyA two-year-old boy has been trapped down a 330-feet-deep well in Spain since Sunday. Above, the rescue effort on Monday.
  • Two-year-old Yulen Garcia fell down a 330-foot well on Sunday, while picnicking with his parents near the town of Totalán, Spain.
  • Crews have been desperately working to try and free the toddler since then, by digging another tunnel to intersect with the well.
  • On Monday, officials sent a camera down the 10-inch-wide well and found candy the boy had been eating about 229 feet down, but no signs of Yulen himself.

The effort to rescue a two-year-old boy who fell down an unmarked well in Spain on Sunday is turning desperate as crews battle against time.

The toddler boy, Yulen Garcia, was picnicking with his parents near the town ot Totalán on Sunday afternoon when he suddenly dropped down a 330-foot well.

He screamed out as he fell but hasn’t been heard from since,RTE reports.

According to the AP, the tunnel was bored into last month during water prospection works and left unmarked.

Emergency crews, reportedly including more than 100 firefighters, have been working night and day since then to try and reach the boy.

But since the hole is only 10 inches wide, it’s too small for an adult to climb down and pull Yulen out, so workers have been digging another tunnel to intersect with the main well, according to BBC News.

Spanish well boy 3Álex Zea/Europa Press via GettyAn officer talks to the press during the operation to rescue Yulen Garcia from a well on Monday.

Crews were also considering digging a parallel hole, but there are fears that could destabilize the walls of the well.

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On Monday, workers sent a camera down the well and found the candies and cup that the boy was carrying when he fell, about 229 feet down the shaft, NBC News reported. But they didn’t see any sign of the boy himself before the camera became too wide for the passage.

Spanish well boy 4Álex Zea/Europa Press via GettyOfficers are seen unloading equipment from vans on Monday, at the site where a boy fell down a well in Spain.

Pilar Limon, a spokesman for the Emergencies Coordination Unit, told NBC News that they have been trying to widen the tunnel as well to get the camera down further.

According to BBC News, Yulen’s parents, Vicky and Jose Garcia, lost their older son in another accident less than two years ago. Yulen’s late older brother, Oliver, was three years old at the time of his death.

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