The 'Spam King' just pleaded guilty to violating a court-ordered Facebook ban and sending 27 million messages

A 47-year-old Las Vegas man known as the “Spam King” pleaded guilty to sending an absurd 27 million spam messages on Facebook after seizing control of around 500,000 accounts, Bloomberg reports.

Sanford Wallace, also known as “Spamford Wallace,” admitted to a 2008 and 2009 spamming spree during his guilty plea for fraud and criminal contempt, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook had already been granted a $US711 million (yes, million) civil judgment against him in a 2009 lawsuit, but was unable to collect because of his bankruptcy.

As part of that judgment, Wallace was banned from Facebook, but Monday admitted that he violated that court order — it turns out he couldn’t stay away.

Wallace has had a colourful career of lowbrow, and questionably legal, internet tactics. He’s faced lawsuits for email spamming, spyware, MySpace phishing, and more, according to Engadget.

Wallace faces up to three years in prison and a $US250,000 fine, Bloomberg reports.

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