6 Heartbreaking Images From The Massive Eviction Crisis In Spain

Spain grew 0.1% in the third quarter, emerging from a two-year-long recession. But the country still has an impossibly high unemployment rate of 26%.

Earlier this year, the European Court of Justice ruled against Spain’s eviction laws that make it hard for homeowners to oppose an eviction by a bank.

Soaring unemployment and a housing bust has seen a surge in evictions as borrowers are unable to pay their mortgages. Over 350,000 families have reportedly been evicted since the housing bust.

Reuters photographer Susana Vera documented the eviction of Carmen Carmona and her family. Carmona was in a social rent flat — a place in which a homeowner who has defaulted on mortgages in the past can stay in the homes for a social rent of 30% of their salary.

Carmen Carmona and her lawyer stand in her home in Madrid, as the police enter and take down the identifications of the media before carrying out her eviction.

Carmona had lived in the social rent flat with her mother Pilar Amador, two brothers, and nephew since 1998.

Most of the adults in the family don’t have steady jobs and fell behind with their rent payments. Carmona cries as she waits for her family to be evicted by the Municipal Housing and Land Company (EMVS).

The family had managed to postpone its eviction on two previous occasions.

Amador, Carmona’s mother, screams, “this is shameful” at the police standing guard outside their apartment.

Carmona stands next to her family’s belongings on the street.

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