A steep, 38-meter-long steel slide in Spain was open for just a day after residents posted videos and photos showing the injuries it gave them

@Sergiopy5 via TwitterThe instructions suggest riding the slide while sitting up, rather than lying down.
  • A 38-meter-long steel slide in Estepona, Spain has been closed after videos and photos suggested it might not be that safe.
  • The slide was opened on Thursday to give residents a quick way to travel between two streets.
  • Terrifying footage showing a woman shooting down the slide and flying off the end was quickly posted to social media.
  • The town’s council has said safety checks must be carried out on the slide before it can be re-opened.
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A 38-meter-long steel slide in Spain’s Costa del Sol stayed open for just one day after residents posted videos to social media showing the injuries it had given them.

According to The Guardian, the steep slide was opened on Thursday in an effort to link two streets in the southern Spanish town of Estepona, giving “residents of all ages a quick way to travel between the streets, which sit at very different levels.”

However, it turns out the slide may not be all that safe, as it was closed by the council on Friday after terrifying footage of people going down the slide surfaced online.

A video posted to Twitter shows a woman shooting down the slide at incredible speed then flying off the end, while screams can be heard in the background.

Another video of the same incident shows just how long the slide, reported by The Guardian to be the longest in the country with a gradient between 32 and 34 degrees, really is.


In a translated tweet, a woman shared photos of her bruised and battered elbows after using the slide, saying: “The Estepona slide is a piece of s—. I went on it and got hurt all over. I flew two metres and the police started to laugh.”

She added: “I’m not putting up one of my arse, which is worse.”

The company that built the slide has been ordered to carry out thorough safety checks before the slide can re-open, according to The Guardian.

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Still, the council stressed that people need to follow the instructions posted on the slide, which suggest riding it in a seated position with your arms tucked in, rather than lying down. They also stress the slide must be ridden by one person at a time.

In a statement which has been translated by The Guardian, the council said: “The image shared widely on social media was an isolated event.

“More than a thousand people used the slide correctly [on Thursday] and without incident. Nevertheless, given the situation, the council has requested a new check to provide maximum guarantees for users.”

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