It's A Crucial Week For Spain, And A Huge 'Occupy' Protest Plans To Swarm The Capital Today

Heads up: Later on today, Spain will be hit with its own “occupy” protests, as thousands of people are expected to voice their anger with the conservative governments’ new budget cuts that are coming later today.

According to reports, buses are already being stopped and checked, and the parliament is on lockdown, as protesters plan to surround the building.

We saw protests in Spain and Portugal a couple of weeks ago, and at least in Portugal it seems to have caused the leadership to back off on a specific tax.

This is a huge week for Spain (and all of Europe) as the country is expected to unveil a budget later this week.

Obviously any outward sign of chaos is not helpful.

According to AP, the protests start around 1:30 PM ET.

Bear in mind that the “Occupy” protest in the US were already somewhat inspired by the Indignados protests in Spain earlier in the crisis.

Twitter user @acampadabcn_in posted this picture of a bus being stopped en route to Madrid by police.

Occupy Spain protest


This video, although in Spanish, makes clear what the protesters have in mind.

(HT: Pablo Guerra)

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