30,000 Protesters Are Still Camped Out In Madrid As Spain Goes To The Polls

Protest Spain

30,000 protesters remain camped out in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol today, as the country goes to the polls in local elections, according to the BBC.

The protesters denied the government ban against protesting within 24-hours of an election in Madrid and other cities in Spain, but authorities chose not to remove them.

Today’s elections are expected to result in significant losses for the ruling Socialist Party, which has instituted austerity measures in the country and led a push for banking sector reform.

Protest organisers are pushing for people to vote for neither of the leading parties. They say protests may continue after today’s elections.

The country, while experiencing weak GDP growth, is in the midst of an unemployment crisis in which 21% of the workforce is jobless, with a much higher rate for youth.

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