PHOTOS: SpaceX Dragon Made History Today As It Docked At The International Space Station

SpaceX capture

Photo: UStream

SpaceX is the first private company to dock at the International Space Station as of this morning.The Dragon capsule was captured by the station at 9:56am.

Here’s a play-by-play of the event taken from NASA’s live stream.

9:20am: Mission control coordinates the approach

9:30am: The capsule approaches the station off the eastern coast of South Africa

9:37am: The capsule moves closer as the sun begins to set over the Indian Ocean

9:53am: The arm reaches toward the capsule

9:54am: The arm is within half a mater of the capsule

9:56am: Capture initiated

9:56am: Mission Control celebrates

9:57am: Station crew and Mission Control begin inspecting the capsule before installation

10:15am: Inspection continues

11:05am: Dragon is put into pre-install position

12:02pm: The capsule is attached to the station, and second-stage capture is confirmed.

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