SpaceX landed another rocket on target after launching supplies to the Space Station -- watch live footage of the perfect landing

SpaceX launched 6,400 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station on Monday afternoon, and the roughly 100,000 people watching the live video online got to experience a rare shot of the reusable portion of the rocket sticking its landing in real time.

 It was SpaceX’s 40th Falcon 9 mission and 11th rocket launch this year.

After the Dragon capsule full of materials for the ISS detached, the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket — which Elon Musk’s rocket company reuses to dramatically cut down on costs  —  came hurtling back to Earth.

The cameras onboard the first stage usually cut out as it heads back to Earth (it’s going thousands of miles per hour after all). But this time, the live feed showed a view of the perfect landing, right on target at Kennedy Space Center in Florida:

The Dragon Capsule is scheduled to dock with the Space Station on Wednesday.

There was extra space in the freezer beside the 250 science experiments this time, so NASA packed ice cream and candy bars for the six astronauts aboard the floating laboratory, including US astronaut Peggy Whitson, who has been in orbit since November 2016.

Watch the full webcast of the launch and landing below:

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