NASA's new ride to the stars looks sleeker than a sports car

Elon Musk’s rocket company, SpaceX, just got NASA’s green light to start ferrying astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2017.

SpaceX already has a contract with NASA to deliver supplies to the ISS, but now it has finally convinced the space agency that its Dragon spaceship can safely transport humans.

Take a look inside the sleek new space capsule that future astronauts will travel in.

The capsule has four windows and is designed to seat up to seven astronauts.

Elon Musk shows off the interior of the Dragon 2 space capsule in May 2014.

The seats are made out of carbon fibre and covered with Alcantara cloth -- the same kind of cloth you'll find inside a sports car.

The Dragon space capsule, after all, was 'designed to be an enjoyable ride,' SpaceX writes on its website.

It has a clean-cut and futuristic vibe inside.


Here's what a future crew may look like when they're all strapped in and ready for take off.

The capsule also comes with a cool command module, which shows the position of the spacecraft in space, how close it is to its destination, and the conditions inside the ship itself.

Here's Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, sitting at the control panel.

The spacecraft will be fully autonomous, but astronauts on board can also manually control the spacecraft.

An emergency escape system will launch astronauts out of the spacecraft if something goes wrong. SpaceX has already successfully tested this feature.

If all goes according to plan, the Dragon capsule may be the first private-built ship to carry an astronaut crew to the ISS.

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