LIVE: Shots Of The Space Shuttle Over Manhattan

Today, the Space Shuttle Enterprise is going to be flying over the Statue of Liberty and down the Hudson River at low altitude on the back of a 747. It should make for an incredible photo opportunity as it heads to its new home, the USS Intrepid.

Photos and video below are in reverse chronological order from landing back to takeoff:

UPDATE 11:22: She’s on the ground at JFK. Here’s a shot from @IntrepidMuseum:

Shuttle NYC

Photo: @intrepidmuseum

UPDATE 11:13: Shuttle and 747, going by Bovic 15, has been cleared to land at JFK according to Air Traffic Control.

UPDATE 11:11: Amazing close up of the shuttle and its escort thanks to Instagram user johnzanussi:

Shuttle Enterprise NYC

Photo: johnsanussi via instagram

UPDATE 11:00: Here’s Enterprise flying past the Brooklyn Bridge thanks to Instagram user emily_cohn:

Shuttle Brooklyn Bridge

Photo: emily_cohn instagram

UPDATE 10:55: Beautiful shot of the shuttle and the NYC skyline from NBC News’ Instagram account:

Shuttle Skyline

Photo: NBC News Instagram

UPDATE 10:43: A great shot of the shuttle near the George Washington Bridge, from @headsetchatter.

nasa shuttle over bridge

Photo: @headsetchatter

UPDATE: Here’s a snapshot of the shuttle passing the Statue of Liberty, from Twitter user @Coonin:


Photo: @Coonin

 And another photo from @Brosner85:

nasa 1983 nyc flight

Photo: @Brosner85

Here’s a recording of Animal’s livestream of the flyby, over on 11th Ave. in Manhattan: (Vimeo via Animal New York):

UPDATE 10:32 The shuttle is now flying over NYC. Here’s a shot of it flying into New York airspace:


Photo: screenshot via ABC News

UPDATE 10:13 AM: NASA just tweeted this shot of crowds gathering at JFK for the arrival:

Crowds at JFK Shuttle

Photo: @NASA

Next stop, New York (via ABC):

enterprise manhattan sky

Photo: screenshot via ABC News

UPDATE 9:40: It just took off! (via ABC 7)

enterprise manhattan liftoff

Photo: screenshot via ABC News

Here’s a closer shot thanks to ABC 7. Nice piggy back ride:

Space Shuttle Dulles

Photo: ABC7

UPDATE 9:18 AM: According to @dcairports, the 747 is taxiing for takeoff from Dulles now:

Space Shuttle Dulles

Photo: via @dcairports

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